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  • The Making of the Knopkus universal remote

    Overview   Packaging   Process   Hi Res  

    Looking for associations. Thinking of metaphors. Drawing sketches.

    A bit too straightforward. Simplifying the design and bringing it closer to what’s going to be inside.

    Breaking up into separate parts. Finding the best shape of the housing.

    Strap eyelet options.

    Growing the first prototypes.

    What if we make the button look like a small TV screen?

    Well, a bit smaller and more like a screen icon.

    And add the dead eyes.

    Trying to make the case assemble from a single rubber part.

    Maybe red? Nope.

    So what’s it going to be made of?

    The first production sample.

    Making some adjustments. Moving the button. Making the eyelet stronger.

    Placing our logo. Receiving the production sample. Adjusting the position of the logo.

    Choosing textures.


    Time to work on packaging. Piling up the ideas.

    Art director: Nope.

    Art director: Not bad, it can be something.

    Suddenly the layout changes.

    Art director: The graveyard looks out of place.

    Art director: OK.

    Six months go by, the concept changes together with the layout: we decide to put the device into a cradle made of corrugated paper in a cardboard box. Remixing.

    Making samples of the cradle.

    LeFutur wants to have their logo on the packaging.

    And on the front.

    Half a year later, the killer remote is packaged.

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