Lampus task lamp

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Task: to realize an idea.

Lampus is an adjustable task lamp with three LED modules which, while being lined up, rotate and switch on and off independently.

Each module rotates 360°

Lampus body is made of anodized aluminum. The combined capacity of all three modules is 9W (equal to 50-60W incandescent light bulb), color temperature is 5500K, and light output is 600 lumens.

Release date: May 24 2012


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director
Timur Burbaev
Andrey Tkachenko
industrial designers
Aleksey Sharshakov
Nikolas Kharrison
Martin Loystl
Maksim Pavlukhin
Aleksandr Pozdeev
Filipp Gorbachev
Each module’s light dispersion angle is 60°

The lamp works from a regular wall outlet and comes with a three-position control knob.

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