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    The making of the Lookvip.com visual identity

    Overview   Process   Real Life  

    Drawing inspiration from the fashion industry grandeur.

    Studying the case in search of a concept.

    Designer: A natural beauty with a dark industrial twist: it’s a fashion world, baby. Add all sorts of a closed-door club attributes like Mayan symbols and such.

    Art director: Keep going.

    Designer: Blue blood.

    Art director: Freakish.

    Designer: A glamorous gloom of a sort. Say, blue vein-vessels fashioned after “modern” 3D sculpture, projecting from the center of blood circulation—our fashion website—like tree branches. A shot of blue blood available by a VIP-pass only. And those bluish chicks getting half-priced Dolce vein injections. The brands are in our bloodstream.

    Art director: I’m not buying into it.

    Designer: Let me present to our fashion-aware customers a theme of multiple mirror reflections. An exponentially vip-vip-vip experience. Corporate stationery featuring refraction graphics and multiply reflected models on the website and banners.

    Art director: Not bad.

    Developing the theme into a full-blown visual identity.

    Hand-polishing the corporate typeface’s outlines and seams. All set for the show!

    Photo shooting various accessories for the project’s page.

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