M-Zaurus screensaver

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M-zaurusScreensaver.zip (Installer for Windows, 4.3 MB)

M-zaurusScreensaver.app.zip (Installer for Mac OS X, archived, 8.5 MB)

Problem: Design a new metro map and a complementary screensaver.

If you indicate semantic relations between words in a dictionary, you build a thesaurus. If you run a list of metro stations in alphabetical order and draw tracks them, you create a metro thesaurus, or M-Zaurus. Throw in the trains, make several maps for different cities, and there you have it—a screensaver for users with a thing for complex systems.

The lines connect adjacent stations forming an intricate pattern.

The radius depends only on how far apart the stations appear in the alphabetical list

The more stations there are, the more tangled gets the map.

Moscow Metro M-Zaurus in full

Release date: May 14 2010


art director & designer
Ludwig Bistronovsky
privy councilor
Bogdan Kravtsov
flash technologist
Dmitry Bezverkhy
Sergey Kulinkovich
Vyacheslav Ilyinsky
Valentin Loschinin
Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Yevgenia Volkova for her assistance in collecting the data

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