The making of MAMA health center website

Overview   Process  

Looking at the site's statistics.

Coming up with the basic user scenario.

Putting together the functionality matrix and working on the main pages of the website.

Taking a tour of the clinic and taking photos.

The first attempt.

Artistic director: Subpar quality.

Designer: How about this?

Artistic director: Show this to some ladies, they’ll tell you what I think.

Showing the site to the ladies, getting feedback.

Getting back to work.

Making the internal pages, designing calculators.

While at the same time working on site navigation.

Taking photos of the doctors, preparing two versions of the photos.

Selecting artwork for the main page, taking into account the client’s requests.

The client suddenly decides to change the logo, and sends us photos for the main page. Changing the top section and some other elements.

Fixing bugs.

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