• Graphic design
  • The making of the disk design for The Pyotr Fomenko Workshop Theatre

    Overview   Process  

    The designer starts by visiting the theater. The first idea he has when he comes back is to make something graphical and monochrome by adding a playful twist to the somewhat archaic DVD format. For example, to make stripe-shaped cutouts in the envelopes and print various geometric stripes and shapes on the disks themselves. That way every time a disk is rotated in the envelope, a new ornament is created.

    Considering other pattern designs.

    Or maybe let the DVD cover repeat the pattern on the disk. The cover will be a card stock envelope. And the set will come in a cardboard box.

    During the client meeting someone mentioned some sort of handmade graphics. Maybe something loose, as if painted with a brush? We can print it with black matte paint on metallized paper.

    Or maybe make a sort of a long foldout. This was also mentioned during the meeting.

    The disk inside.

    On the other side of the foldout is the theater, ovations, smiles. Other options: make it look like a card index of old tapes. Or as if everything is wrapped in a playbill with modern labels on top.

    The art director says that all the options look beautiful and recommends to make the old playbill more recognizable. Discussing, brainstorming, preparing a presentation.

    Presenting to the client, who also likes all the options. But especially the monochrome graphics idea. Developing it further: fine-tuning the graphic patterns.

    And the typography.

    Sending to the editor for proofreading, then printing.

    Simultaneously creating a layout for the booklet. Roughly scattering the content.

    Amplifying the entry, then decreasing the typographic noise. The author and the editor make minor changes.

    The entry is too harsh, tuning it down slightly. Inside we are trying to use the elements of disk patterns for text design.

    Tuning down the entry a little bit more. That’s it! And then it’s just text inside.

    The final touches and adjustments.

    Hurrying to catch the anniversary shows.

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