The making of the cover for In the Middle of Nowhere by Alice Lu

Overview   Process  

Making sketches.

The client chooses the bull skull. Drawing.

At the same time the type designer works on the title.

The client thinks that the cover is too gloomy and asks to make it lighter. Making sketches.

No, that’s all wrong. Going back to the initial concept and developing it. Drawing the illustration for the back cover.

Continuing to work on the title.

The client chooses the layout that resembles a playing card.

Selecting a type for the front cover and spine.

At the request of the client changing the back of the cover, as it still seems too gloomy.

Eventually abandoning the illustration, making the inversion of the front cover, turning it upside down and putting it on the back cover. Enlarging and spacing out the title to increase legibility.

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