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MDM Bank website 4.0

Overview   Process  

Problem: Design a clean user-friendly website offering banking services.

MDM Bank is a Russian business bank that has been offering commercial banking services for 20 years. It has the total of 163 divisions throughout Russia and in four capital cities abroad, and over 3 million clients. Their business expanding, they needed a new website.

With MDM Bank, it’s all very simple

The website features design solutions that are going to gain wide recognition among web designers in this country.

There is a clickable element that reads “Entire website” and appears on every page, so you can view the sitemap at any time. This allows you to use as much space for navigation elements as you need and arrange them independently from the page content. This kind of menu is easy to manage—you can have it well-organized, with items nicely grouped, etc.

Key navigation element (clickable)

Online calculators, like friendly assistants, are there to suggest options, even if you don’t know which loan or deposit would fit you best.

“I need 100 000 proubles, but I’m not sure about the loan term yet”

Financial product pages are as simple as can be—main information is right up front, while more details and computations are available inside.

“MDM is Your Choice” deposit page
Car loan in detail

This is yet another effective way for MDM Bank to offer their services.

Private banking

Release date: October 15 2010


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director & designer
Ludwig Bistronovsky
privy councilor
Ilya Mikhaylov
Anton Aralin
technical designers
Andrey Tkachenko
Sergey Pozhidaev
Vladimir Tokmakov
Mikhail Petrushin
Sergey Levenets
Aleksey Khapov
Albert Iblyaminov
Denis Zarubin
Svetlana Lecheva
Artem Tkachenko
beta tester
Dmitry Muratov
Katerina Andreeva
Aleksandr Nosikov
Aleksandr Shprints
Sergey Rublev
Aleksandr Mazaykin
Vsevolod Ivanov
Anna Romanova
Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Alexei Barsht and Olga Novikova for their contribution to the project

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