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[This work is in the museum]

Problem: Make a fun website.

Media Markt stores sell consumer electronics of all kinds. The site is a virtual electric show, called Gestalt Schlagbaum, that tells customers what they have to offer.

Top 11 percent of the front page

The thirty five and a half thousand pixels long page introduces to you the show characters, invites you to get tempted by special price offers, watch videos, find out promotional campaign info, and meet a huge hottie (available at the click of a mouse).

Bottom 6 percent of the front page

Lots of beautiful scenes were shot to present the range of products available at Media Markt.


Home theaters


Gestalt Schlagbaum features Media Markt directors, who fly around and tease each other.

About the store on Kashirskoye Shosse

And if for some reason funny things make you sick, you can shut down the show by pulling the lever on any page.

Release date: December 04 2008


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director & designer
Ludwig Bistronovsky
Vladimir Shreyder
Aleksandr Smetanka
Denis Krasulin
technical designers
Beslan Birzhev
Elena Dronova
Anatol Latotin
Evgeny Shkolnyy
type designer
Elena Novoselova
Egor Zhgun
Yana Moskalyuk
Aleksandr Batyru
technical director
Vladimir Tokmakov
Ivan Shornikov
beta tester
Dmitry Muratov
Tatyana Devaeva
Maksim Pantsyrev
photo shooting manager
Masha Zayakina
Natalya Afonina
Ekaterina Korzina

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