Virtual tour around Medicina clinic

[The work is in the museum]

OAO Medicina is a leading Russian private medical institution that has been offering health care services since 1990. On the ten floors of the clinic 732 specialists of 17 departments daily see their patients in 500 offices.

The virtual guide gives the user the idea of what’s inside the clinic

The visitor sees immediately what departments are located on a certain floor and who’s in charge in the office. You can request an appointment here, too.

Any office can be found if you know its number, the doctor’s name or his/her specialization. On the plan the location of reception desks, elevators, staircases and toilets is indicated

Additionally, the visitor can get a panoramic view of the halls and offices in QuickTime VR format. Every visitor can have a peep inside the ward No. 6 on the ninth floor and see that it’s a single de luxe ward with a TV set, telephone and a bathroom.

Release date: September 08 2004


art director
Artemy Lebedev
designer and interface developer
Artem Gorbunov
Macromedia Flash developer
Ivan Dembitsky
technical designers
Anna Kleymenova
Anna Kulesh
Vladimir Tokmakov
Ekaterina Skakun
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