The making of the Medscan medical centers logo

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Starting the search.

Trying to develop the idea of a human figure made of waves.


Art director: Too complex.

Designer: What if we adjust this one slightly?

Art director: Still rough on the eyes.


Art director: The green one is good.

Developing the chosen variant.

Trying out the logo on various media.

Showing to the client. The client likes the direction we chose.

Developing further. Building a 3D model of the sign.

Images of the model taken from different angles can be used to represent different diagnostic methods.

Looking at how the logos would look in real life.

The designer suggests to use the blur effect in advertising. At first everything is vague but medical scanning makes it all clear.

Rendering one of the views of the sign in vector.

Art director: The color doesn’t go well with the shape.

Fine-tuning the shape, adjusting the color.

Looking at the final version on light and dark backgrounds.

The type designer is busy, too.

Making the text part of the logo three-dimensional as well.

The client chooses the frontal view of the sign as the main one.

Working with colors.

Art director: The curve breaks near the right edge of the central circle. It would make sense to compensate for that.


Art director: The second one and it’s done.

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