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  • The making of the Megacard pocket booklet

    Overview   Process  

    Meditating on the design concept.

    Trying to position the text and reuse the style of the advertising campaign.

    In reality there will be twice as much text. Changing the dimensions of the booklet.

    Trying to find a place for the card itself. The booklet gets a special pocket.

    We need a useful feature of some sort to stop users from throwing away the booklet the minute they have a chance.

    Placing a mnemonic device for writing down the pin code on the second page.

    Adjusting the details.

    Presenting the booklet to the client.

    We’ve chosen the right direction. Starting to tidy up the layout.

    Deciding to cheer up the booklet by adding a background and some illustrations.

    An idea comes up to use the fact that users flip the booklet while reading and to make day and night backgrounds.

    The client is in doubt. Working further on the background and the illustrations.

    Art director: I really liked the day and night idea. Let’s bring them back. We can also try to add some animals.

    Drawing the animals.

    And populating the booklet with them.

    Client: I’m all right with the night and day idea, but the animals, they’re just too much. The phone number at the bottom looks odd, too.

    Evicting all the animals, refining the illustration and correcting layout details.

    Making the final batch of corrections.

    Preparing the booklet for print and sending it to the press.

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