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Task: to develop a unified and modern logo for the Moscow Metro.

The Moscow Metro opened for passengers in May 1935. From the outset, its emblem was not standardized and over the years was repeatedly subjected to spontaneous and uncontrolled transformations: it changed its shape and proportions, acquired contrasting contours and a tunnel-shaped outline, lost serifs and was illuminated by neon. Only one thing remained constant: the Moscow Metro was always symbolized by the red letter M.

Moscow Metro logo 2014

A large-scale research of the history and development of the Moscow Metro logo was carried out in the studio in order to understand what the famous letter should look like today.

Release date: September 09 2014


art director
Artemy Lebedev
Konstantin Konovalov
secret advisor
Egor Zhgun
type designers
Taisiya Lushenko
Ksenia Erulevich
project managers
Vsevolod Ivanov
Natalya Moskaleva
Andrey Dyakov
The studio wishes to thank head of the Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Maxim Liksutov and deputy head of the Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Alina Bisembayeva for their trust and comprehensive assistance with the project

It led to the development of a distinctive, modern and universal symbol for consistent use on any media associated with the Metro.

Festive version

On an information column
At station entrance
On a car
On a map
On screen

Moscow Metro logo is one of the elements of the Moscow Transport corporate identity.

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