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Mir payment system website

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to provide more information about the national payment system.
populated by the client

The updated version of the website provides information about companies accepting Mir cards for payment and invites everyone else to join the project.

Mir advantages on the main page

A new bank offering Mir cards or a retail store accepting them immediately appear in the Members section. The page features convenient search to help navigate the rapidly growing list.

List of partners

A special section Time To Open Mir provides information about services that can be purchased with Mir cards and important events sponsored by the payment system. It also contains a list of promotions organized by banks and major stores.

Company executives talk frankly about working with the payment system. Glossary and help pages are available for those who still have questions.

Members’ opinions

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  • Sergey Kulinkovich


  • Ivan Vaschenko
  • Alena Sofina

technical designers

  • Aleksandra Maun
  • Natalia Tikhonkikh
  • Dmitry Lamonov


  • Konstantin Tomashevich
  • Igor Bodnar

beta tester

  • Dmitry Muratov

content manager

  • Anna Rybakova


  • Jenia Filatova


  • Aleksandr Nosikov

project manager

  • Inna Sidorova
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