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Mito charging station

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to create an outdoor mobile device charging station.

Mito is a multifunctional street object that was created at the studio by the request of Verisun. Mito is designed for installation at public transport stops and allows passengers to charge their phones and access the Internet while waiting. The first Mito station decorates İstiklal Avenue in downtown Istanbul (near Şişhane Metro station and Tünel tram stop). Mito stations will soon appear in other cities as well.

Dynamic shapes and wood texture look appropriate in the urban environment

Always connected

The station provides wireless access to the Internet and can charge up to eight devices. The built-in LCD screen displays the station and route name, bus or tram arrival times and current air temperature.

Inside is a metal frame that holds the elegant wooden elements together

Modern city

Mito does not require electric power supply as it is powered by a solar panel on the top surface.

art director

  • Artemy Lebedev

secret advisor

  • Timur Burbaev


  • Nikita Barinov

industrial designers

  • Andrey Fabishevsky
  • Mylene Richer
  • Aleksey Sharshakov

project managers

  • Larisa Melnikova
  • Egor Egorov
  • Andrey Dyakov
  • From Verisun:


electronic system designer

  • Tolga Kardas

solar system designer

  • Erhan Altun

ui/ux designer

  • Natay Salim

system integrator

  • Emre Balkanci

android app developer

  • Said Tahsin Dane

back-end developer

  • Kutay Incirci

purchasing and components

  • Saziye Ersoy

project director

  • Sadullah Uzun

software team leader

  • Mustafa Eren

hardware team leader

  • Fatih Ozturk