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[The work is in the museum]

Problem. Make it the least similar to traditional newspaper websites.

Moskovsky Komsomolets website is different from what other newspapers have—here well-informed people meet to share facts and discuss problems.

Sections may fold in a zig-zag fashion or unfold several screens wide

Articles for the site are submitted by professional journalists and ordinary readers who have something to say. It’s a real time preparation of a newspaper issue.

All blogs starting with N

MK staff and readers create personal blogs, leave comments and evaluate each others materials. Articles are sorted by date, popularity or key words.

Beta version of the site was launched 3 months before the final site.

Release date: April 03 2007


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director
Roma Voronezhsky
Sergey Fedorov
Konstantin Loginov
technological director
Sergey Chikuenok
Aleksey Smychagin
Vladimir Kolesnikov
Egor Khmelev
Nikolay Markov
beta tester
Dmitry Muratov
Aleksandr Nosikov
Ilya Grigorev
Anna Gert

Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Natalia Shtelmachenko and Victor Nuzhny for their contribution to the project

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