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Construction site appearance for Moscow

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Task: to start changing the attitude of Muscovites towards improvement of their own city.

Moscow has finally acknowledged the need to speak the human language to its own citizens. By the request of the city administration the studio developed a new way of communication and prepared a range of universal stylistic tools that allow to talk to Muscovites about the importance of construction in an easy, understandable and pleasant way.

On road construction

To turn construction sites from a source of frustration to understandable and potentially useful objects, simple and clear messages were created for all types of construction projects, helping communicate their importance for the city and its residents.

On cultural objects construction
On Metro construction
On sport center construction

The messages are typeset for any city advertising media.

Release date: August 28 2013


art director
Artemy Lebedev
secret adviser
Еrken Kagarov
Olga Bazilevich
Anna Golovina
Aleksandr Shtefanets
Aleksandr Nosikov
Katerina Andreeva
project managers
Anna Kovalevskaya
Andrey Dyakov
Vsevolod Ivanov
Olga Kallaur
City format
Road fences
Billboard with site information

Principles of slogan wording, typography, use of typefaces and backgrounds, typesetting, and combining different information modules are all laid out in a detailed guide.

Opening of the guide on types of information modules
Coming soon to all construction sites in Moscow

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