The making of the Moscow logo

Overview   Process   Vector  

Designer: I started the search.

Art director: None of it excites me right now.

Designer: Like a people relations diagram and a firework.

Art director: Unclear.

An M-spring or a spiral, meaning development of the city, a cycle of events and the Universe.

Art director: The spiral would work well in the design of a phone book. Or as a binding shop logo.

Art director: Let’s try it like this: ✭ Moscow.

After all, that’s how it’s always been marked on maps. Like the capital of the world.

Art director: I would go with Number 1 and polish it until it shines. It’s simply placing the star symbol from any typeface before the word.

Art director: The first one is OK. But the typeface is not.

Searching for better faces and experimenting with the shape of the star.

Nothing works. Searching further.

Art director: The one with a single star on the left has my approval.

Art director: Perfect.

Having decided on the shape of the star, we create a matching typeface.

The art director picks one of the options. Developing the chosen draft.

Looking at it in different sizes.

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