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Moscow street name plates

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Task: to organize street navigation in Moscow and develop recommendations on its improvement and development.

By the request of the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow and the Main Architectural and Planning Office of Moscomarchitecture recommendations on improvement of city street navigation were developed at the studio. The recommendations are assembled into a guide book and cover typefaces, colors, pictograms and layout principles for house number and street name plates.

Pedestrian zone plates

Pedestrian zones in Moscow are made up by small streets with narrow sidewalks and facade buildings many of which are historic landmarks. These streets are used by residents for leisure and are included in many walking and tourist guides, making aesthetics of house plates especially important.

The plates are typeset conforming to the technical documentation approved by the Moscow authorities and based on available manufacturing capabilities. Different formats are available for use with long and short names of city toponyms.

Lavrushinsky pereulok   Nikol’skaya ulitsa   Malyi Tolmachovsky pereulok  
House number plate and street name plate with transliteration

Release date: April 04 2014


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director
Еrken Kagarov
another art director
Timur Burbaev
Bogdan Kravtsov
Iskander Mukhamadeev
Mark Rodionov
Sergey Steblina
Egor Zhgun
Aleksey Sharshakov
Mikele Daneluzzo
type designer
Ksenia Erulevich
Aleksey Dorokhin
Aleksandra Sviridova
Katerina Andreeva
project managers
Natalya Moskaleva
Larisa Melnikova
Andrey Dyakov
The studio wishes to thank deputy chairman of the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow Tatiana Guk for her faith, comprehensive support and direct participation in the project

Typefaces: Staromoskovsky and Direct-Mos

Classic Moscow blue is used as a background color for elements of the navigation system
Pictograms in the corners of the plates direct to useful or important city objects located nearby
The navigation system maintains the traditional shape of Moscow plates of recent years

Plates for the entire city

The second, simpler, design of the plates is made to be installed throughout the entire city with the exception for pedestrian zones.

Pleasant frames and roundings visually unite “historic” and standard plates

The plates come in two sizes, small and large. In each individual case the size is chosen according to the number of characters in the name of the street.

Arrows indicate house numbers at the corners of building blocks

For reasons of economy it is acceptable to produce plates that combine the street name and the house number.

The plates are made of vandal-proof materials and are resistant to the elements. LED backlight provides bright and uniform illumination in the dark.

An original typeface, Staromoskovsky, was created for the plates. The face is designed in the spirit of traditional Moscow street name plates.

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