The making of the Discover Moscow promo website

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We need to find a fun way to tell people about the Explore Moscow website.

Starting the search for ideas.


Art director: That’s just not it.

Grabbing a tour guide and going on a tour of Moscow to better understand the problem.

The next day a new idea is born.

Continuing the search. How about a mosaic of historic pictures?

Or a series of movie posters?

What if we give people a chance to become architects of main landmarks?

Touch some of the iconic objects?

Place buildings in unusual surroundings?

Show simple life of famous people?

Rush them?

Record taxi driver’s stories of Moscow?

Connect the past and the present?

Show different cuts?

Look closer?

We need more ideas.

Designer: What if we show all interesting historic events as if they happened at the same time?

Art director: Bingo.

Part two

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