The making of the Mosenergo postcards

Overview   Process  

Deciding to design postcards.

Making folded postcards with diagrams and infographics.

Thinking on the infographics.

Designing a pop-up postcard with a 3D plant scheme.

Putting together a draft set of postcards.

Working on a map with CHP plants icons.

Choosing photos for the main postcard.

Thinking of metaphors for the postcard explaining what Mosenergo is.

Typesetting a list of Mosenergo plants.

Illustrating the postcard on technical jargon with a dialog.

Management structure:

Finding metaphors for the postcard on work safety.

Illustrating, typesetting.

The evolution of the postcard with a success story:

The postcard on career opportunities:

Pop-up postcard with the power plant scheme:

While designing, we don’t forget to sometimes cut out the current set of cards and send it to the client.

Preparing the postcards for print.

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