• Graphic design
  • The making of the pictograms for M.Video price tags

    Overview   Process  

    Sketching and presenting two options to the customer: in color and black and white. Getting the general style and the monochrome option approved.

    Drawing symbols for coffee-makers category.

    Fridges and washers are next.

    Designing a set of safety pictograms. Trying to find a clear way of communicating the safety message.

    Crossing out reads “prohibition,” it’s a no. Checking out other methods.

    No Entry sign will do the job. Trying it on other pictograms.

    Blowing the No Entry sign up and anchoring it to the main picture to tie it all together.

    Now it’s ok. Oh, common, it’s plain awesome! Time to nail down the cameras.

    Exploring “interchangeable-lens” icon.

    Now it’s TV sets’ turn.

    Removing the “leg” to have the icons cover laptops as well.

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