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  • The making of the postcards for Mybook.ru online library

    Overview   Process  

    Working on the design of postcards with promo codes for business subscription.

    Basically, it can be anything we want, but it has to be something that people wouldn’t want to throw away as soon as they enter the code.

    Deciding to go with postcards.

    The idea is that reading is so absorbing that no matter where you are, you totally forget about everything else.

    The client likes it. Coming up with more stories:
    1. A man in a boat among tremendous waves and octopus tentacles reads a book on his iPad.
    2. A group of fans rages over a match, while one of them just can’t stop reading.

    The client suggests his own ideas and ways to illustrate them:
    1. A Formula One pilot reads while driving on the track.
    2. A guy is stranded on a desert island, but all he does is reading under a palm tree.
    3. A climber reads right above an abyss in his hanging tent.

    Convincing the client to use our ideas and starting to draw.

    Simultaneously, the copywriter is thinking about the slogan.

    Maybe, reverse the phrase about interest?

    Coming up with a slogan for each postcard:

    It’s probably better to use something unified:

    The illustrations are ready.

    Art director: Cool!

    The client likes the result but asks to use his own slogan:

    Working on the back side and the envelopes.

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