The making of the Nabornaya Masterskaya content studio logo

Overview• Process

Client: Good day! My name is Karina, I will be turning 30 in two weeks and my small content studio will be 10 times less than that. I and my team are writing texts about electric grills, stages of pregnancy and even oak caskets. The design of our website was created by my husband who is ready to pay 100,000 rubles to you just so he doesn’t have to draw anything again :)

Nabornaya Masterskaya (we use the name Typefactory in English and for our domain) writes text for clients (mostly in the sphere of e-commerce). We are not making typefaces as a designer might think because of our name :-) Maybe, this confusion can be used.

First ideas:

The art director approves the third design as a potential direction.


The art director says it looks like an example of crappy 50-year old American style. Moving away from the crappy style and going back to the original sketch.

The art director keeps seeing a dick stuck in someone’s butt in the logo. Getting rid of that image.

And this looks like a crematorium. Drawing more ideas.

Number 8 looks OK, working on it some more.

This resembles a logo for a hair salon, plus the pencil is gone.

Fixing and trying another design with an image of a nib, trying to maintain the image of a factory.

17 looks all right, but we want to try to finish the design we started by making the pencil more recognizable and trying to understand what the cloud could mean.

It just doesn’t seem to work. What if we relocate the pencil?

The symmetrically positioned letters A make us want add another pencil on the right, too.

Adjusting the letters, choosing a color and it’s done.