• Graphic design
  • Nero
  • The making of the Nero Electronics corporate identity

    Overview• Process

    Receiving the task to develop a logo which the company plans to use to market their products internationally. Going to the industrial design department to have a look at the devices previously created for the client at the studio. Learning that all of them are very simple to use and require only a single touch to start working. Beginning the search for ideas.

    Seeing that only three of the potential designs maintain continuity and clearly demonstrate the ease of use of the devices. Assembling a presentation and sending it to the art director.

    Art director: OK.

    Showing the designs to the client. They choose the first one.

    Inviting the chief typesetter to help create presentation templates. First, coming up with a flat plan and a way to show slide hierarchy. Deciding to use corporate colors of varying mass.

    Searching for slide appearance.

    Grouping slides by content type and continuing the search.

    Chief typesetter: Right now the information slides also contain all the navigation. I would use only slide numbers and move all the navigation to section title slides.

    Showing to the art director.

    Art director: Here’s a new idea. Instead of having that pill hanging, you can put an element there, like in the attached image.

    Finding geometrical foundation for the new pill.

    Showing the result to the client.

    The client chooses the first version but asks to change the color.

    Changing the color, finalizing designs for other media.

    Deciding to use a different typeface.

    Starting to typeset the guide. Looking at the options for the cover.

    Continuing to describe principles of working with the corporate identity.