December 31
In 2004 we added 156 projects made for 63 clients to our portfolio. That’s around one project per one and a half working days

December 29
On December 30–January 9 Art. Lebedev Studio goes on winter holidays

Website of 36.6 Pharmacy Chain goes online

December 28
Second chapter of a story about how illustrations for the project “Table Talk of 1882” jointly implemented by Boris Akunin and the studio published

Corporate identity of private security company Pulse completed

Mega website launched

Jubilee website of Moscow Virtuosi opened

Logos of Moscow Virtuosi orchestra completed

December 24
Matiz booklet released

December 23
Ingosstrakh intranet opened

Yandex blog and forum search service launched

Yandex 2005 calendar released

December 22
December collection of illustrators’ works published

What’s on: NY2005 reel

What’s on: First Blood reel

December 20
First chapter of a story about how illustrations for the project “Table Talk of 1882” jointly implemented by Boris Akunin and the studio published

Fourth version of Sokr.Ru dictionary goes online

Empils concern corporate identity completed

December 17
Design of Moscow calling cards (for the New Year issue of Afisha magazine) completed

Website of Stary Melnik beer fan club started

Website of Stary Melnik Christmas presents (2005) launched

Series of city objects (for the New Year issue of Afisha magazine) completed

Navigation stands for Mega Khimki completed

December 15
Good boys and girls are getting Ancor’s 2005 Christmas gift set

December 14
License management website launched

December 13
Promotion website of Samsung’s Ukrainian branch “Full Brigade on Parade” opened

Yandex-Advertising website launched

December 8
Microsoft promotion website “Fair Play” goes online

December 3
Yandex presentation templates completed

MDM Bank advertising cartoon completed

December 2
Websites of Rostik Group and all its restaurants go live

December 1
Ingosstrakh promotion website “Policy with an Extinguisher” started

November 30
Samsung promotion website “Key to a New Style” opened

November 28
Series of chocolate candy boxes for Vernost Kachestvu completed

November 27
Come, I will” album by Mumiy Troll group released

November 26
Art. Lebedev Studio gets the Russian National Internet Award for a contribution to the development of Russian Internet in the “Russian Internet developer” nomination

Industrial design of Znamya Truda plastic glasses completed

November 23
November 2004 collection of Art. Lebedev Studio illustrators’ works published

Dichka” album by “Poltergeist” group released

November 22
On an ordinary November Monday the 13 millionth visitor entered the main page of our Russian website

November 12
New series of TARIO calling cards released

November 11
Samsung E800 phone promotion website “Assemble a Phone for Yourself!” launched

November 9
Samsung Team website opened

November 4
Version eight and a half of Yandex search engine launched

Fifth version of Yandex-Catalog website goes online

Advertising materials for Yandex-WiFi completed

On November 2, 2004 the website of TNK-BP was awarded the Corporate Press Leader–2004 diploma in the “best corporate website” nomination

November 2
October 2004 collection of Art. Lebedev Studio illustrators’ works published

Behold the large-format ads of Matiz in Moscow streets

October 30
Istok Group corporate identity completed

October 27
Regno di Pianta” album by Reutoff group released

Website of Ingosstrakh insurance company opened

October 26
Lenta.Ru’s US presidential election project “Or Kerry?” goes online

Print advertising of Yandex Fifth Cup published

October 24
Efes Pilsener Blues Festival promotion website opened

October 20
TARIO print advertising published

Investsberbank new logo and exteriors design completed

October 18
Valuehost corporate identity completed

October 14
Website of Hewlett-Packard Internet store “Silicon Valley” launched

October 13
New section on our website “Second to None” opened

October 12
Website of Etalon, one of Ukraine’s largest insurance companies, created

October 8
Interface of Rosgame slot machines completed

Collection of stories by N. Tolstaya “Odna” published

Industrial design of Rosgame slot machines bodies completed

Identity of Internet festival Theater Web completed

October 1
Website of Nescafé Classic promotion campaign website “Apartment with Coffee” opened

September 18
TARIO logos, corporate identity and guidelines completed

September 16
comic strip made by us can be found in the boxes of Samsung players and voice recorders

Vernost Kachestvu chocolate candy and bar forms created

September 15
Ice Has Broken Up”, a promotion section of Microsoft’s Ukrainian website, launched

September 13
Second version of Lenta.Ru website launched (five years after the first one)

September 11
Andrey Tikhanov’s story about how he made an illustration for a housing estate promotion site is published in the Backstage section

September 10
Efes Pilsener beer website goes online

September 8
Medicina clinic virtual guide completed

September 6
Third version of Alfa Bank website launched

September 5
Yandex-WiFi print advertising released

September 4
Early Sunday morning the 12 millionth visitor entered the main page of our Russian website

September 3
HP Partner Club website in Kazakhstan opened

September 2
Zurich-Rus insurance company advertising released

September 1
Cockroach Races opened at Samsung game portal

August 31
Art. Lebedev Studio website in French launched

Diagram of studio employees’ ages, sexes and professions published

August 30
TNK-BP oil company website launched

August 27
Yandex-Maps website opened

August 25
Fabula promotion website launched

August 20
Art. Lebedev Studio gets the official right to be the first company to purchase any Apple Computer equipment in Russia (and will definitely put this opportunity to good use)

Third version of Yandex-Bookmarks website launched

August 17
Industrial design of Vitek heater panels completed

August 14
You are welcome to take part in Samsung’s action “Root for Our Team!

August 10
Life Line charity program website opened

August 7
Corporate identity of Telecom6 completed

August 5
MTS English website goes live

Yandex-Money flyer published

August 3
Bosco Sport website opened

August 1
Industrial design of Ardeæ folding chairs completed

July 29
Internet store at Samsung website launched

July 27
Utransit corporate identity completed

July 26
Cover design of Mixer video editor completed

July 22
Alfa Bank CD “Credit Products for Corporate Customers” released

July 21
Samsung’s “We Are One Team!” promotion website launched

Promotion website of OKKO chain of gas stations opened (in Ukrainian)

July 13
Fox and Crow game introduced at Samsung game portal

July 9
Alfa Bank (Ukraine) website in Ukrainian launched

July 4
Website of RUSAL aluminum company goes live

July 1
Microsoft manual and catalog released

Website of Wings–2004 rock festival opened

June 30
Nokia’s “Riding the Wave. Sailing with Friends!” promotion website launched

June 24
ZyXEL print advertising published

June 19
Yandex-Weather website goes online

Samsung Progressive Classics promotion website launched

June 13
Yandex-Company website launched

June 11
Website of Caravan telecommunications company opened

June 10
Ancor’s presentation set completed

June 8
SWAP jeans brand created

June 4
Third English version of Alfa Bank website opened

Yandex-Statistics website opened

May 31
Four presentations of MTS services completed

May 29
On a quiet Saturday evening the 11 millionth visitor entered the main page of our Russian website

May 28
Parser, now in English

May 27
Website and logo of Yandex-WiFi completed

May 26
Second version of Samsung MP3 Club website opened

May 19
Samsung Game Portal launched

May 14
Industrial design of TaskWatch white board completed

A series of T-Helper Group catalogs published

May 13
Industrial design of Liquidrink 150 thermos mug completed

April 30
Third version of ONLY website opened

April 28
Microsoft website for software vendors launched

Second version of Yandex-Market website based on our templates goes online

April 22
Fourth version of Yandex Catalog opened

April 21
Promotion website “Fresh Atmosphere with Samsung Air Conditioners” launched

April 20
Yandex-Cities website launched

April 16
Second Paliha advertising poster can be seen in Moscow metro cars

Second version of Yandex sign and corporate identity completed

April 8
Ancor website goes live

April 2
Promotion website “100 Hours of Entertainment with Samsung Mobile Team” opened

Fourth version of 3Com website launched

April 1
Ocean Airlines website opened

March 21
Second version of Yandex-Guest Room website goes online

Regency Group IM booklet completed

March 18
Queengroup corporate identity completed

Vernost Kachestvu logo completed

March 15
Second version of Yandex-Passport website opened

March 8
Ancor March 8 gift set completed

March 6
Second version of Yandex-Play, a collection of online games, opened

February 28
Neva Cosmetics promotion website “1000 Prizes for Buyers of Vorsinka Washing Powder” opened

Samsung’s promotion website “SMS Parimutuel” launched

February 24
Samsung promotion website “Noiseless Color Revolution” launched

Fifth version of Yandex-News website goes online

February 18
Industrial design of Cyclone-7L vacuum cleaner completed

February 17
10 millionth visitor entered the main page of Art. Lebedev Studio Russian site

February 15
Second version of Yandex-Encyclopedias opened

Second version of Yandex-Dictionaries launched

February 6
Second version of Yandex image search service started

February 5
Samsung and Olympic Torch Relay” promotion website launched

February 3
Two templates of Yandex-Mail print advertising completed

February 2
Corporate identity, logo, font and guidelines of Rostselmash completed

January 29
Third version of MTS website launched

SUAL Group website goes online

January 27
Second version of the official site Samsung in Kazakhstan opened

January 24
Website of Green Hills housing estate built by Uniformstroy launched

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