December 30
In 2008 we added 249 projects to our portfolio, which is 14 more than last year

December 26
Traditional end-of-year picture of the Art. Lebedev team taken and published

Tenex website launched

Alfa Bank New Year’s greeting card created

Yandex gift CD designed

December 25
Heino typeface released

December 24
Book cover for “Mastering Your Key Accounts” by S. Shiffman designed

Mediamarkt advertising stands designed

December 23
Our Electronics Development and Manufacturing Division invites companies to cooperation

December 22
Metrostroy website launched

December 18
Home Credit job vacancy website launched

December 10
Granatny, 6 website launched

December 8
Fruit Chips produced

December 7
Exitus bookends design concept created

December 5
Art. Lebedev Studio reduced its staff from 250 to 200

December 4
Mediamarkt website launched

December 2
Legis corporate identity completed

November 26
Vous 2.0 mirror now available in our store

November 19
Hitek website launched

Luxofor design concept announced

November 17
Minution website templates completed

November 11
Air Crosswalk design concept announced

November 10
KIT Finance website launched

November 7
Optimus Maximus keyboard received Japanese Good Design Award in the category “Innovation/Pioneering and experimental design activities”

Story typeface released

Applemoon website launched

October 30
Various corporate stuff for Multibroker designed

Askeri corporate identity completed

October 29
Mega Kids Club corporate identity completed

Granatny, 6 booklet completed

Ozersky Souvenir sweets package design completed

October 28
Natalis chopsticks designed

Theater Web 2008 festival identity completed

October 27
Ilim Group website launched

Carte Blanche promo section for the Parallel website completed

October 18
Book design for two guides to financial reporting completed

October 16
Book cover for “500 Spoilers” by L. Gurskoy designed

Book cover for “Where’s Everyone?” designed

October 15
Border tape added to our selection of packing tapes

October 13
Capital Group website launched

October 11
The Studio’s 13th anniversary saw a colossal pillow fight!

October 10
Nice Large Images published at Autorambler

Forman corporate identity completed

October 7
Sweep household cleaning tools designed

MIEL New Construction Projects and Townhouse Villages websites completed

Book cover for “Six Comedies”, a collection of plays by Quartet I, designed

October 6
Alfa Bank Cosmopolitan card website launched

October 3
Art. Lebedev Studio turns 13!

October 2
Zwoelf typeface available in our store

September 30
Optimus Maximus keyboard received German iF Communication Design 2008 award in the category of Screen Design

The Form of the Book” by Jan Tschichold to be published soon

September 29
Scartel handset design created

September 27
A whole range of fridge magnets now available in our store

September 24
Bloknotus inspirational notepad designed

Ozersky Souvenir website launched

Fuck The Rain umbrella produced

September 20
Condensed Milk fridge magnets produced

Autocumulus key ring designed

September 17
Mandership. Second Edition” by Artemy Lebedev published

Euroset Charity Fund website launched

September 16
Optosystems ophthalmologic apparatus designed

Book design for “Ptolemy’s Map” by Herz Frank completed

September 15
Yandex screensaver completed

September 11
Ancor website 2.0 launched

September 9
Rigroup website launched

Book covers for the Secret City series by V. Panov designed

September 8
If you would like to become our reseller in your city, please contact Denis Shokhin at

September 5
Our Moscow office phone number has changed. Now call us at +7 (495) 926-1800

September 4
Ramus sticky notes available in our store

Our new store Obvious Progress opening September 15 in St. Petersburg

September 3
Now you can buy Eternity ice trays online, three colors to choose from

Grain Holding corporate identity completed

Granatny, 6 corporate identity completed

Yandex Search billboards designed

Applemoon corporate identity completed

August 29
Direct Speech sticky notes designed

Censored packing tape designed

August 27
Verbarius electronic clock now available in our store

August 25
Yandex logo 3.0 completed

August 22
Folderix flash drive now available in our store

August 19
Several new sections of Mandership published online in English

August 15
A whole bunch of iron-ons now available in our store

August 12
Est! logo completed

Making of illustrations for the Parallel website. Part Four told by Valentin Loschinin published in Backstage

August 11
Optimus Store, our eighth offline selling point, opened in New York

Yandex News 6.0 completed

Imobilco website launched

August 5
Making of illustrations for the Parallel website. Part Three told by Valentin Loschinin published in Backstage

August 4
Absolut website launched

July 29
Zhytlobud website launched

July 28
Making of illustrations for the Parallel website. Part Two told by Valentin Loschinin published in Backstage

July 22
Tiger Asset Management website launched

July 20
Kommersant editorial system interface completed

July 18
TNK-BP safety screensavers completed

Delo file folder designed

A whole range of packing tapes now available in our store

Plastinkuzz pocket-size DJ scratch pad designed

Ukrinvest corporate identity completed

Condensed Milk poster designed

Book cover design concept for the collected works of Richard Bach created

July 17
Fourth version of Narod.Ru completed

Making of illustrations for the Parallel website. Part One told by Valentin Loschinin published in Backstage

Parallel website launched

Optimus Store opening soon in New York

July 16
Facade design and website for OK hangar boutique completed

July 1
Yandex Blogs 3.0 completed

June 30
Iwhoilco website launched

June 27
Microfibrus lens cleaning cloth available in our store

June 26
Book cover for “Evaluating Training Programs: The Four Levels” designed

Book design for “Agatha Comes Back Home” by L. Goralik completed

Banki.Ru T-shirt designed

June 24
Microsoft “Time to Deploy” website and CD completed

A whole lot of things for Hitek completed

June 20
Winston promotion campaign prizes designed

June 19
Microsoft Demo Center website launched

Book cover for “The Secrets of Selling” by G. King designed

June 18
Matryoshkus Nero created

Now you can buy great hoodies by our design

June 6
New interesting stuff, including, for example, Workplaces, published in the Studio section

June 2
MIEL Commercial Real Estate website launched

June 1
Alfa Bank web design guidelines released

May 30
Samsung La Fleur promo website launched

May 26
Matryoshkus a la Rus created

May 23
Metrostroy logo modernized

May 20
Disc cover for “Cheburashka in the City of Mechanical People” completed

Check out our new lower price for Sonicum speaker system!

Euroset Jobs website launched

Autorambler completed

May 17
Klinkopis typeface available for sale

Cover design for May 2008 issue of Shtat magazine created

Microsoft Days stands designed

May 13
WomanJournal corporate identity completed

April 30
Metrostroy’s Krasnopresnenskaya Highway booklet completed

Cubistorus stack furniture designed

Way Out fridge magnet designed

April 27
Baikalwestcom website launched

April 21
A Concise Account of Typography” by Pyotr Kolomnin published

Tinkoff Credit Systems website launched

April 14
Jtsuken, our store in Nizhny Novgorod, opened April 13.

April 10
Second Yandex Direct print ad completed

April 8
Microsoft “United Communication” promo website launched

April 6
Our store called No Match Found opened in Ekaterinburg

April 4
Direct typeface completed

April 3
Yandex Traffic billboards completed

April 2
Diary of a Maniac Designer (second edition)” by Yana Frank completed

Mixnews website launched

April 1
Tyolka Dala milk box designed

Design of Defendius door chain completed

March 29
OK hangar boutique corporate identity and boards completed

March 28
We now accept credit cards in our shop and café

March 25
They Talk” by Yanina Vishnevskaya and Oleg Pashchenko published

March 24
Design of Ridibundus CD case completed

Book cover for “High-Flying PR” by I. Alekseyeva and T. Gulyayeva designed

March 19
Vozrozhdenie Bank website 2.0 launched

March 18
Book cover for “The Naked Truth” by Margaret Heffernan designed

March 17
Megaplan online interface designed

Zhytlobud corporate identity completed

Art. Lebedev Shop and Café now open Monday–Sunday from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m.

March 12
New England corporate identity, booklet and souvenirs completed

March 6
Samsung “Special Occasion” promotional website completed

Tabak.Ru website launched

March 5
Book cover for “Rethinking the Sales Force” by N. Rackham and J. De Vincentis designed

Book cover for “The Art of Waking People Up” by K. Cloke and J. Goldsmith designed

The second poster and credits for “Railroad” movie created

Credits for “Kidnapping of a Sparrow” created

March 4
9 disc covers for Agatha Christie completed

March 1
Design of Vous mirror completed

February 29
Mirta typeface available for sale

Our Clone Museum collection has been greatly extended. Pay a visit!

February 28
Book cover for “Got Game” by J. Beck and M. Wade designed

Art. Lebedev Studio store called Universe of Plungers opened in MEGA Belaya Dacha

February 26
Cat” by Oleg Tischenkov completed

Book cover for “Living in a Bubble” by Igor Ashmanov designed

Book cover for “SPIN Selling” by Neil Rackham designed

Optimus Maximus Configurator now available for download

February 21
We are glad to welcome you to Art. Lebedev Café now open in our shop on B. Nikitskaya. Besides books, keyboards, toys and other goods, every visitor is offered some tasties. We promise that our salads will always be fresh, our desserts delicious and our service friendly. We’ve learnt to make the best coffee in Moscow, and it’s here that you can enjoy wonderful Krasnodar teas. So, we strive to follow our principles of good work in everything we do, even if only a few can appreciate it. Drop by and see for yourself!

February 15
Three sector websites for MIEL Real Estate completed

February 10
Ozersky Souvenir exhibition stand completed

February 7
Fine Gesture” campaign print ad and commercial completed

Imperia credit card website launched

Rundgang font available for sale

February 6
Kraft typeface available for sale

February 4
Ruletka Udachi website and logo completed

Ekibastus typeface available for sale

February 2
One of the first Optimus Maximus keyboards got auctioned on e-bay for $2,750

February 1
Design of Novinkus stickers completed

January 31
Some like it latte” movie poster created

January 28
Roman Voronezhsky’s story about making of a font for Verbarius clock published in Backstage

A dialog between Art Director and Illustrator published in Backstage

January 24
Artem Gorbunov’s story about making of a double page spread with statistics published in Backstage

January 18
Six more old works published in Backstage

January 17
Two ’making of’ stories about games for MTV and HP websites published in Backstage

January 16
Oleg Pashchenko’s story about Red Square photographs and two works by Anatoly Zenkov published in Backstage

January 15
Andrey Tikhanov’s story about making of an illustration for Samsung promo campaign on occasion of March 8 published in Backstage

January 14
Two Andrey Tikhanov’s stories about making of illustrations for Samsung promo campaign and a housing complex website published in Backstage.

January 10
Samsung Electronics Russian website 5.0 launched

Industrial design of Sibcon bill payment terminal completed

January 1
Artnovias wedding store website goes online

Art. Lebedev Studio to be expanded in 2008


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