December 31
On December 31, all our stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg are open until 6 p.m. (Pseudopod & Bassoon in St. Petersburg will close at 9 p.m.). All shops will reopen on January 2, 2011 to work under normal schedule

December 30
Traditional December photograph of our team published

December 29
RyazanZernoProdukt mill facade completed

December 30 Art. Lebedev Studio closes for the New Year vacation and will reopen on January 11. Thank you, everyone!

In 2010 we’ve added 152 projects to our portfolio, which is 6 projects more than in 2009

December 28
Gazprom website press center designed

December 27
Termofor sauna heater designed

December 22
Partner store Golden Ratio opened in Tyumen, Russia

Perm city transportation shelters created

December 21
Jan Tschichold's The New Typography. A Handbook for Modern Designers published

Partner store Plus One opened in Kaliningrad, Russia

December 20
Partner store Somewhere Here opened in Tver, Russia

December 19
Our way to beat the New Year shopping traffic: the stores on Nikitskaya Ulitsa, on Bankovsky Pereulok, and in St. Petersburg close at 3 a.m. until December 30

December 17 online store for iPhone and Android launched

December 15
New Year sale started in our shops

The courriers will deliver all Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kiev orders in time if you place it in our online store before the end of day December 30. Up to the New Year Eve all orders are processed and delivered without any days off

December 9
Partner store Positive Emotion opened in Yekaterinburg, Russia

Alfa-idea website completed

December 8
iCat comics for iPad created

December 7
Shtokman website launched

December 6
Megacard visual identity and promo website presented

Paks logo introduced

December 3
Website commemorating VTB bank 20-th Anniversary launched

December 2
Third edition of The Form of the Book by Jan Tschichold presale begins

December 1
Aromatus car air fresheners produced

Optogan LED light bulbs designed

November 29
Kindergarten Is Too Late by Masaru Ibuka published

Partner store Visual Effect Effect opened in Yaroslavl, Russia

Book covers for Practical Intelligence and Social Intelligence by Karl Albrecht completed

November 26
Just Travel visual identity and kiosks interface designed

November 23
Yandex widget for LG launched

Project manager job vacancy poster created

November 22
Tut Naidut website templates completed

November 16
Height measuring chart Rostomer created

November 15
Partner store Division by Zero opened in Ryazan, Russia

November 13
Four new umbrellas are now available in our stores

November 11
Moscow Metro map postcard released

November 8
Perm city trash cans collection designed

November 2
2011 Calendar published

Book cover for Against Common Sense by A. Ivanov designed

October 28
Xsolla corporate identity designed

October 25
Navitel website launched

Book cover for Marketing Games by Anton Popov created

October 22
Book cover for Corporate Media: Click Here! by O. Todorova designed

October 21
Moscow metro in 100 years map published

Moscow Metro folded map released

Residence Tyrshova website launched

October 19
Objects of Desire by Adrian Forty completed

October 18
Moneta.Ru corporate identity completed

Our restaurant at 5 Bankovsky Pereulok has turned into Big Cafe

October 15
MDM Bank website 4.0 launched

October 14
Russian Post advertising campaign materials completed

October 13
Elba logo completed

Yandex logo 4.0 completed

October 3
Art. Lebedev Studio turns 15!

September 30
Our shop and café in St. Petersburg has been redecorated. Coffee lovers and shoppers looking for designer goods, cool gifts and books are always welcome!

September 29
Art. Lebedev Café job vacancy poster completed

September 27
We are now offering our products on

Koltso Urala Bank corporate identity completed

September 24
We are turning 15 soon and you are invited to receive our birthday poster in exchange for pictures of you with our products

September 23 2.0 launched

September 21
Russian Standard Bank OMS interface completed

September 20
Art. Lebedev salary card issued

September 16
Russian Standard virtual card application interface completed

Art. Lebedev Café pastries menu designed

September 14
ROSNO website 5.0 launched

September 10
The Secret Knowledge of Commercial Illustrators by Yana Frank published

September 9
Yaroslav movie poster designed

September 6
Kamenny Tsvetok flower pots designed

Mriya website launched

September 1
Moneta.Ru logo created

Medicus bandages released

Tetra Pak recycling campaign identity completed

Tetra Pak recycling containers designed

Book cover for Personality by Rob Yeung designed

August 25
Oversun Mercury website launched

Oversun website launched

August 17
ALS goods catalog app for iPad released

August 14
Partner store Want It Now opened in Kazan, Russia

Partner store Separate Reality opened in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

August 2
Book cover for Coaching by J. Starr designed

July 29
Tut Naidut corporate identity completed

July 26
Sukhoi aircraft paper models released

Pixel keyrings released

July 23
Yandex Mail 7.0 launched

July 16
Ryazanochka pelmeni flour bag designed

Ryazanochka baking flour bag designed

July 6
GSL website templates completed

Planeta Kino website launched

Bobrinets house signs introduced

June 24
Verbarius can now speak Welsh. Total of 18 launguages available for the clock

June 22
Rambler News website launched

June 18
Design for Shake cocktail cans created

June 15
Tinkoff Credit Systems website 2.0 launched

June 11
Cinematografica interactive book published

Counter application for iPhone released

June 9
Moscow Metro map released

Shtokman Development AG intranet completed

May 31
Love My Planet website launched

May 27
Selected Works of Leonardo da Vinci published

Kontur corporate identity package completed

May 26 launched

May 24
Websites created by Art. Lebedev Studio are designed compatible with Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3, Safari 4. Older versions of these browsers can be supported on request.

May 20
Quto website templates completed

May 16
Puzzlus Pixelus jigsaw puzzles released

May 14
Cool interactive T-shirts now available in our store

M-Zaurus screensaver completed

Lineikus ruler released

May 13
Moscow Metro postcard set released

May 6
Gosloto 6 Out of 45 lottery identity completed

Gosloto 5 Out of 36 lottery identity completed

Gosloto corporate identity presented

May 5
MGTS website launched

May 4
Russian Standard Bank video guides completed

Victory Day section on the Gazprom website launched

May 1
Partner store Asdfghjkl opened in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

April 29
Cultu.Ru for Schools! logo and presentation materials completed

Yandex teasers completed

April 25
Our new Store and Restaurant opened at 22-1 Myasnitskaya (entrance from Bankovsky Pereulok)

April 23
Mug with a temperature sensor released

April 14
Yandex 11.0 completed

Ozon.Ru shopping cart interface completed

April 13
Femen logo created

April 9
Reflectius clock concept released

April 6
Beyond Your Dreams partner store opened in Novosibirsk, Russia

April 1
Cylindrus hub designed

Levelus spirit level perfume designed

Ironius iron mug designed

March 31
Chance print ad templates completed

March 26
Dereza typeface completed

March 25
Book cover for “The House Where…” by M. Petrosyan designed

March 18
Shturmann car navigation system interface completed

March 17
Book cover for “How to Manage” by Jo Owen designed

March 4
Mama.Ru website launched

Segmentus clock concept published

March 2
Torbus sack bag designed

Not Spring Yet” by A. Kalenkovich designed

Fairy Tales Not About People” by A. Stepanov designed

Comstar website 3.0 launched

February 19
Alfa Bank iPhone application completed

February 16
Pancake flour package design created

Flour and grains package design created

February 12
Alfa Bank birthday e-card created

Yandex T-shirt designed

IFC-Bank website launched

February 11
Yandex Catalog 6.0 launched

February 9
Marco Mobili print ad completed

Cat 2” by Oleg Tischenkov published

February 8
Art. Lebedev stores—our own outlets, not partnering sellers—offer great discounts till March 9.

February 4
Oversun corporate identity package completed logo completed

Kandagar” movie poster created

February 1
Gosloto BPM lottery interface completed

January 29
100 million people visited our Russian front page (since the moment the counter was installed in 1996).

January 28
Yandex bar for Opera completed

January 27
Praise for iPad.

January 20
Book design for the Deich Science Fiction series completed

January 1
In 2010 the Studio will become twice as good.


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