December 28
December 28 to January 12 Art. Lebedev Studio is closed for New Year holidays. Thank you for being with us!

In 2013 we addded 250 projects to our portfolio, which is three less than the previous year

December 27
Traditional December photo of Art. Lebedev Studio employees published

December 26
Yandex.Translate advertising campaign created

Christmas tree for Muzeon Park designed

The Sign in Chelyabinsk, Russia installed

Raiffeisenbank website templates completed

December 25
Fourth edition of Mandership by Artemy Lebedev published

December 24
Car documents organizers designed

December 23
Design for Moscow parking meters created

December 21
Christmas and New Year poster released

December 20
Line maps for Moscow Metro cars created

December 19
Promo page for the new design of the Bank of Russia website created

December 18
Relsus designed

Optimus Popularis promotional video produced

December 17
Advertising campaign for Yandex.Market created

December 12
Wellum logo and corporate identity introduced

December 11
The rouble sign got approved by the Russian Central Bank's board of directors. We thank eveyrone who voted for the sign developed by the design community!

Hermann Zapf and His Design Philosophy. Selected Articles and Lectures on Calligraphy and Contemporary Developments in Type Design published

December 10
Logo and corporate identity for the Oral Surgery and Dentistry Department of the Krasnoyarsk City Children’s Hospital No. 5 developed

December 9
Gorky Park outdoor advertising created

The Sign in Ufa, Russia installed

December 7
Constitution Day poster released

December 6
Magic Card for customers and guests of Art. Lebedev Studio stores and cafés designed

Second edition of All the Curious Know Yana Frank published

December 5
Cover for Envy and Other Eternal Engines of Advertising by Aleksei Ivanov designed

December 4
Vozrozhdeniye Bank website 3.0 created

December 3
Patterns and typefaces postcards released

December 2
Tyazhmash Group website created

November 29
Organizational Management Thinking: Ideology, Methodology, Technology by Georgy Shchedrovitsky published

November 28
The International Day of Persons with Disabilities poster released

November 27
Beeline website layouts designed

November 26
100 Best Strips of Art. Lebedev Studio published

November 25
Logo, corporate identity and packaging for Qubo-3 sports equipment developed

November 23
Large and pocket daily planners for 2014 published

November 21
Logo and visual identity for New Year celebrations in Moscow developed

November 20
The Sign in Stavropol, Russia installed

November 27–December 1 Art. Lebedev Studio will present its books at the 15th Non/Fiction International Book Fair (booth K-22)

November 14
The Sign in Nizhnevartovsk, Russia installed

November 11
I Can Smell the Holidays calendar for 2014 published

November 7
EMIAS logo and corporate identity developed

November 6
Katalogus 2014 published

Gorod 55 website templates designed

November 5
International Day for Tolerance poster created

October 31
Licard fuel cards visual identity created

October 29
People's Unity Day poster produced

October 28
Third edition of Muchavka and the Giant by Oksana Grivina published

Second edition of On Children's Drawings by Marina Ozerova published

October 25
October 31–November 4 Art. Lebedev Studio will present its books at the 7th Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair

October 24
Halloween poster created

October 23
German version of the Gazprom website designed

October 22
World Paper Free Day poster created

The Sign in Moscow, Russia installed

October 21
Keramikus kitchen knives produced

October 18
The Sign in Orenburg, Russia installed

Outdoor advertising and teaser ads for Yandex in Russian regions created

October 17
Design of Melancholia album by Lori! Lori! created

The second version of Alpari corporate identity created

October 16
Advertising campaign for Yandex.Disk created

October 15
Rozetkus Bublikus power strip concept added

October 14
Cover for How to Change Absolutely Anything by Damian Hughes designed

October 11
World Egg Day poster designed

October 9
Twist pitcher for Barrier water filters created

October 8
The Sign in Otradnoe, Russia installed

October 7
Logo and visual identity for Modny Sezon shopping arcade created

October 3
The studio has turned 18, thus coming of age. Now we have all the rights to do whatever!

October 2
Poster for the studio's 18th birthday created

October 1
Cat X by Oleg Tischenkov published

Moscow Metro map 2.0. postcard released

September 30
The Sign in Cherkessk, Russia installed

September 26
Mega app for iPhone released

September 23
The Sign in Kovrov, Russia installed

September 17
Third edition of Breakfast by Oksana Grivina published

World Contraception Day poster created

September 16
Logo and visual identity for UDS created

September 13
October 1–4 Art. Lebedev Studio will take part in Moscow Coffee & Tea Expo

The Sign in Samara, Russia installed

September 12
Movie posters for Break Loose created

September 11
The Sign in Ezhva, Russia installed

September 10
Scripticus typeface released

September 9
Logo and corporate identity for Manufactura outlet center designed

World Suicide Prevention Day poster created

September 6
The Sign in Berdsk, Russia installed

September 5
The Sign in Alushta, Ukraine installed

September 4
Born With Personality by Yevgenia Belonoschenko designed

September 3
The Little Red Horse by Irina Troitskaya published

September 2
Knowledge Day poster created

August 28
Concept of construction site appearance in Moscow created

August 26
MAMA health center website created

August 21
The Sign in Kaltan, Russia installed

August 20
Independence Day of Ukraine poster created

August 16
Visual identity for Avangard Direct created

August 13
RZD social networking website designed

August 12
Forex Trend website designed

August 9
Logo and visual identity for Kulikovo Polye military museum completed

August 8
International Left-Handers Day poster created

August 7
Templates for the website of a helicopter around-the-world expedition designed

August 3
Let’s meet at the NY NOW (formerly NYIGF) trade show! We’ll be there for you August 17–21 at booth #7637. Ask for the show-special discount.

August 1
'Photography Allowed' sticker for Russian Railways designed

July 31
Cover for How to Solve Almost Any Problem by Alan Barker designed

Cover for The Venetian Contract by Marina Fiorato created

July 30
Airborne Forces Day poster created

July 29
Sabidom website created

July 27
The Sign in Vladivostok, Russia installed

July 26
Liquefied Natural Gas—the Future of Global Energy by Maxim Mayorets and Konstantin Simonov designed

July 24
The Sign in Krasnoyarsk, Russia installed

The Sign in Bryansk, Russia installed

The Sign in Obninsk, Russia installed

July 23
Mega 3.0 website designed

July 19
Logo and visual identity for Moscow Hermitage Garden created

July 18
Just5 Brick mobile phone design finished

July 15
The Sign in Pestravka, Russia installed

July 13
The Bastille Day poster created

July 12
Rapido website layout created

July 11
Educo educational toys chain store logo designed

July 10
It Goes Well Together ad campaign created

July 9
The Sign in Rubtsovsk, Russia installed

July 5
Ryaba the Hen by Mikhail Buster published

July 4
Bombus salt shaker concept realized

June 26
US Independence Day poster created

June 24
Micronavigation for Starosadsky Pereulok in Moscow created

June 20
Second edition of Mom’s Hurrying Home by Svetlana Dorosheva published

Second edition of Objects of Desire by Adrian Forty released

The Sign in Maksatikha, Russia installed

June 19
World Refugee Day poster created

Moscow city design code introduced

June 17
Logo and visual identity for Lider FM radio station completed

June 14
Logo and visual identity for Lale kids’ TV channel completed

June 13
Rybinskkabel website created

June 12
The Sign in Pavlovsky Posad, Russia installed

June 11
Yandex corporate typeface created

June 10 website templates designed

June 7
Looking for Clothes advertising campaign designed

June 6
Design: Form and Chaos by Paul Rand published

June 5
The official Moscow Metro map introduced

June 4
Russia Day poster created

Window Continent website created

June 3
Single-origin coffees reached our stores and cafés

May 31
Forth edition of The Form of the Book by Jan Tschichold published

The Sign in Beloretsk, Russia installed

May 29
Children's Day poster created

May 28
Verona Mobili website designed

May 27
Bite the Dust movie poster created

The Cow story by Pavel Gerasimchuk published in Backstage

May 26
Up in the Space logo created

May 23
The Major movie poster completed

May 22
Cover for France by Andrew Whittaker designed

May 17
The Sign in Krasnodar, Russia installed

May 16
International Exchange Center website designed

May 15
The Border Patrol Day poster created

Visual identity for Integrator Unified Center for Ad Placement released

May 14
Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky street plates designed

May 13
Kayserius traffic light introduced

May 7
Victory Day poster created

May 6
The Sign in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia installed

April 30
Patterns catalog prepared

The Spring and Labor Day poster designed

April 29
Malina typeface introduced

April 25
Decorative bands for city environment introduced

April 24
The Sign in Donetsk, Ukraine installed

April 23
Stubus wristwatch concept realized

April 22
Templates for the client accounts section of the Beeline website developed

April 19
World Day for Laboratory Animals poster created

April 17
Cover for Italy by Andrew Whittaker designed

Cover for Britain by Andrew Whittaker designed

April 15
Universal age restriction signs designed

April 11
The Sign in Omsk, Russia installed

April 10
Cover for Your Children Are Not Your Children by Pavel Erzyaikin designed

Cosmonautics Day poster created

April 6
The International Romani Day poster created

April 4
Megacard postcards designed

Yandex 12.0 completed

April 3
The Sign in Verkhnee Kosmovo, Russia installed

April 2
Yandex.Taxi advertising campaign created

Moving the studio to Ulitsa 1905 Goda video available

Alfa-Click online banking service interface completed

April 1
Boilerus radiator designed

Attraktsionus hybrid bird’s-eye view ride designed

Multilingual Moscow Metro map completed

March 29
Pushe furniture factory website completed

April 1 poster introduced

March 27
Evo Impressions certificate packaging designed

March 26
Rapido lottery corporate identity designed

23 Rubles story by Pavel Gerasimchuk published in Backstage

March 25
Millimetrus 2.0 grid note paper and Bloknotus inspirational notepad are now available for a test drive

March 24
Art. Lebedev Studio moved to the new address: 7/1 Ulitsa 1905 Goda, Moscow

March 21
The Sign in Sosnogorsk, Russia installed

March 20
Sokr for iPhone released

Passover poster created

Stoloto logo designed

March 19
The Sign in Yaroslavl, Russia installed

March 18
Sky Park billboards created

Multiplayer Tetrius magnet set produced

March 15
Saint Patrick's Day poster created

March 12
Miss Russia contest website launched

March 11
Maslenitsa poster posted

March 7
Patterns for Forester patio furniture introduced

March 6
International Women's Day poster created

March 5
The Sign in Lugansk, Ukraine installed

March 4
The Sign in Khabarovsk, Russia installed

March 1
Yandex teaser ads 2.0 created

February 28
DJ playbill for the Big Café created

Verbarius owners are welcome to download Klingon language for the digital clock

February 27
Cover for Double Your Business by Lee Duncan designed

February 21
Defender of the Motherland Day poster created

February 20
The Sign in Bratsk, Russia installed

February 19
Cover for Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari by Denis Osokin designed

February 18
Second version of the logo and corporate identity for CIAN created

Russian to American English translator job opening posted

February 16
The Sign in Petrozavodsk, Russia installed

February 15
Sky Park shopping center logo designed

February 14
Valentine's Day poster created

February 13
Cover for Flights Over Eternity by Stanislav Smelyansky designed

February 12
M.Video corporate typeface created

February 11
Atmarkus 3G mug produced

February 8
Visual identity and packaging for Woshi-Woshi products designed

February 7
The Sign in Pervouralsk, Russia installed

February 6
Сover for Nigel Latta’s Fathers Raising Daughters prepared

February 5
Avangard Direct logo designed

Vous 3.0 mirror is available for test drive. Who’s the prettiest of them all?

February 4
Poster for presentation of Nastya Kovalenkova’s book Slippers created

February 2
Advertising poster for Kruzhkus designed

February 1
Our Moscow Metro map won the competition held by the Department of Transport. We wish to thank the organizers and each of the 38,485 people (52% of voters) who voted for our design. You'll see our map in metro cars by the end of February

January 31
February 3-7, let’s meet at the International Spring Fair in Birmingham. The show will take place at NEC, West Midlands B40 1NT and we’ll be at booth #6N29

January 30
The Sign in Magadan, Russia installed

The Sign in Volgograd, Russia installed

January 29
Octopus plunger concept designed

January 25
Soglasie insurance company website created

January 24
Schlange typeface introduced

January 23
Skameikus-4 outdoor bench constructed

Now through January 31, vote for a new Moscow Metro map at the open competition organized by the Department of Transport: The winning map will be placed in all metro cars and stations

January 22
Yandex Auto website finished

January 21
Eternity ice tray is now available in new colors

Chip & Dip website templates developed

January 18
Gazprom social networks profiles completed

January 17
Veloparkus-1 bicycle rack designed

January 16
ISR Trans corporate identity created

Cover for Itihasa. The Sacred Mountains by Vladimir Kazangap designed

January 15
Megacard pocket booklet created

At New York Gift Fair our booth is 2644 (Gift section). The show will take place at J. K. Javits Convention Center, 655 West 34th street, New York City, January 26 thru 30

January 14
Moscow Metro Map 2.0 issued

January 11
Cinematografica 2 interactive book published

Job opening for Sales Prospector in USA, Europe, and Asia posted

January 10
Ice trays produced

January 1
In 2013, Art. Lebedev Studio will become more prominent in the markets outside Russia


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