December 30
In 2015 we addded 157 projects to our portfolio, which is 94 projects less than the previous year

December 26
Traditional December group photo of Art. Lebedev Studio employees published

December 25
Beeline payment cards promo page created

December 24
Christmas and New Year poster created

December 23
Dairy Culture desserts packaging designed

December 22
Chetyre Stihii website designed

December 21
Folding display stand for studio products created

December 18
SBS Megamoll New Year decorations designed

December 17
Yaraw 2016 calendar created

December 16
Peresvet logo designed

December 15
2016 calendar created

December 14
Moscow parking signs 2.0 designed

December 11
Beeline promo pages created

December 10
Sokolniki park website designed

December 9
Cover for Felt Age by Tatyana Tolstaya designed

December 8
J.S. Antel website designed

December 7
Katalogus-2016 published

December 4
Unlim 500+ festival terminal interface designed

December 2
Terekhovo Moscow Metro station concept created

December 1
Saint Petersburg Metro poster and pocket map created

November 30
Tatneft bidding portal designed

November 27
Venda vending machines housing designed

November 26
iVoska bag designed

November 25
Moscow Transport booklets stand created

November 18
VDNH iPhone app designed

November 9
Second version of Lemon Slices jelly candies is now available in studio's stores

November 5
Rossia Jewelry House website designed

November 4
Second version of Fartukus apron is now available in studio's stores

People’s Unity Day poster created

November 2
Third version of paper cups for studio’s cafés designed

October 30
Halloween poster created

October 28
Scout helicopter exterior, interior and interface created

October 23
Rayth logo created

October 16
Russian Drag Racing Championship website designed

October 15
Cover for Itihasa. The Great Spirits. Volume two by Vladimir Kazangap designed

October 14
Claustrophobia holiday logos created

October 13
Turkstream corporate identity, website, printed materials and 3D alphabet designed

Citilink online store templates created

October 5
Moscow outbound routes improvement standards album designed

October 2
Studio’s 20th anniversary poster created

September 30
Horoshkola library interior designed

September 28
Satka corporate identity created

September 18
Beeline Cloud PBX service interface designed

September 4
The Pencil: A History of Design and Circumstance by Henry Petroski published

September 1
Part two of Pavel Gerasimchuk's story State Historical Museum published in Backstage

August 21
Russian and Ukrainian National Flag Days poster created

August 19
Ladoga Management corporate identity created

August 18
Cover for The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson designed

August 17
Cats and Order pattern designed

SUEK annual report illustrations created

August 13
Belaya Vorona school logo designed

August 10
Coffee blend #340 created

August 7
Builders’ Day poster designed

July 31
Railway Workers Day poster designed

July 30
Beeline website My Account section layouts 2.0 designed

July 28
Part one of Pavel Gerasimchuk's story State Historical Museum published in Backstage

Discover Moscow promo website designed

July 24
System Administrator Appreciation Day poster created

July 23
Dynamiq corporate identity created

July 14
I Am Not Mute by Sonya Shatalova published

July 13
Mashinkus wooden toy car created

July 6
Gazprom website 2.0 designed

June 30
Silver Lake Dog Park sign designed

June 25
Oh My Blog by Artemy Lebedev published

June 24
Russian Drag Racing Championship logo and corporate identity created

June 19
Unlim 500+ festival cup created

June 18
Cover for Girl in Bloom by Tatyana Tolstaya designed

June 17
Pobeda typeface created

June 16
Zoopakr by Tatyana Devayeva and Tim Yarzhombek is now available for pre-order

June 11
Russian Standard bank mobile website designed

June 10
All for a Hundred lottery interface 2.0 created

June 9 logo designed

June 8
Housing Lottery logo designed

June 5
Russia Day poster created

June 4
No Nonsense Country project advertising created

June 3
SG-Trans website designed

June 2
Russian Post mailboxes designed

June 1
Saint Petersburg Metro map created

May 21
Bus shelters for Sabidom designed

May 18
Beeline Ideal Office page created

May 15
Unlim 500+ festival t-shirts designed

English edition of I Was Here scratch-off world map is now available for pre-order

May 14
Staraya Russa logo designed

May 8
The Sign in Sheregesh installed

Logo and website for 12/24 lottery developed

Pattern for Binbank cards created

May 7
AGC advertising materials completed

May 6
Logo and visual identity for May Market supermarket chain created

April 28
May holidays poster created

April 24
Paper plates for studio cafés designed

April 22
Elegant website layouts 2.0 created

April 20
I Was Here scratch-off world map 2.0 is now available in studio stores

Security section of the Qiwi website created

April 16
Bank of Russia virtual museum designed

April 15
Megacard advertising campaign created

April 14
Higher School of Economics printed materials design created

April 13
Five Petals pattern designed

Valikus paint roller created

April 10
Madrobots exhibition equipment designed

April 9
Cosmonautics Day poster created

April 7
Rug Shtorkus bath curtain created

April 3
Wooden children’s toys for inspiring creativity and imaginative thinking are on tour in studio’s stores April 3—May 15

April 2
Baby Photo and Baby Garden logos designed

April 1
Alfa Bank website 5.0 created

Lustrus quadrocopter chandelier designed

Sigaretus electronic cigarette designed

March 25
Brazil and Kenya single-origin coffees are now available in studio stores

March 24
Citymobil logo and corporate identity created

March 20
Skameikus-4 outdoor bench is now available for purchase

Our Victory. My Story website for Gazprom created

March 17
Crimea logo designed

March 16
Finlandia Script typeface created

March 12
Beringia national park logo created

March 10
Vitra bath stove front cover

March 6
Mega for Business website created

March 5
Moscow parking signs designed

March 4
Park KV logo designed

March 3
International Women’s Day poster created

March 2
IB Translations website designed

February 26
City Connect logo designed

February 24
Byzantine, Twig, Flower Field, Library and Wreath patterns created

February 20
Stoloto lottery results interface designed

All for a Hundred lottery logo and interface created

February 19
Defender of the Motherland Day poster created

February 17
Podstavkus desktop organizer designed

February 13
Gazprom Energo branch maps designed

February 12
Vspyshkus compact flash unit concept created

February 5
Rozetkus-8 created

February 4
International Exchange Center mobile website created

January 30
Septaria logo designed

January 28
Licard fuel cards advertising created

January 26
Pushe furniture factory website 2.0 designed

January 22
German Village cottage estate billboard designed

January 21
SPb typeface created

Saint Petersburg tourist logo and advertising created

January 20
Stoloto Premium Club templates designed

January 19
Promodo website templates created

January 16
Yakitoriya delivery car appearance designed

January 15
Sabidom truck fleet graphics designed

January 14
Solonkus-6 salt and pepper shaker set created

January 13
Unitile ceramic tile pattern designed

January 12
Stoloto corporate pattern created

Stoloto logo 2.0 designed

Organizational Management Thinking: Ideology, Methodology, Technology, Fourth Edition by Georgy Shchedrovitsky is now available in studio stores

January 1
In 2015 Art. Lebedev Studio will do the impossible


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