February 11
Cover for Food For Your Personality by Anastasia Bodrova designed

February 8
Tashkent tourist logo created

February 7
Avtoban logo created

February 6
Moscow Zoo advertising created

February 5
Arc typeface created

February 4
Ossetia tourist brand created

February 1
Quantum Consulting identity and website created

January 31
Liga Next logo designed

Döcke Group calendar created

January 30
Mobile Enterprise website for Beeline designed

January 29
Urnus-17 street trash can for New York designed

January 28
Eden Fantasys website designed

January 25
Sotbi augmented reality app created

January 24
GITIS international website designed

January 23
Cover for Introvert by Patrick King designed

January 21 payment terminal designed

Severstal Steel Mill site design created

January 18
Rev light equipment packaging design created

January 17
Ophelia pattern is now available in studio's stores

January 16
Cover for The Science of Attraction by Patrick King designed

January 15
Nebo Digital logo designed

January 14
Sport 24 identity created

January 11
Everyone Buckled Up? sign created

January 10
Cover for The Culture Map by Erin Meyer designed

January 9
Go!poedim micromarket logo and naming created


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