The making of the NFL Store logo

Overview• Process

Client: nflstore is an online store of fashion clothes in Prague (, our target audience is 16–24 years old. Of course, older people (30–99) also visit sometimes but we are less interested in them.


—sell across Europe;

—entirely exclude everyone old, just like Snapchat did (only for clothes).

It’s important to understand, it’s not about small kids, it’s about young people who look at celebrities and want to wear what they are wearing.

I don’t want to have anything to do with the American NFL. I might have been inspired by it at some point in time but this is long gone. Right now NFL clothes make up 3–5% of our range, the rest is street fashion and lifestyle attire.

Designer: #positivevibes #youth #clean #future.

Art director: You need to write it as nflstore. (with a dot at the end).

Designer: The rotated letters can be supported by waves, glitch, folds on clothes, flags, etc.

Art director: Can you generate a couple of examples?

Designer: Sure.

Getting rid of the flag effect.