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NokiaLab 2005 festival promotion website

[The work is in the museum]

The website is devoted to yet another NokiaLab festival that zeroes in on multimedia this year.

On the main page a girl is waiting for you to apply makeup to her face or give her a new hairdo

The website was made without using Flash, although this may seem moot.

In the “Where” section you can shake one of the three spray paint cans

In the “Who” section the performers’ portraits are pasted into front page articles

In the “How about the prizes?” section every person can edit a video clip

The promotion website was ordered by Nokia’s Russian representative office.

Release date: May 25 2005


art director
Ilya Mikhaylov
Andrey Tikhanov
Sergey Chikuenok
Yury Belyakov
Konstantin Tsoy
Aleksandr Nosikov
Tatyana Rezanova

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