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  • There is a problem on Deribasovskaya Ulitsa in Odessa near the Ilf and Petrov monument. And we need to solve it with design.

    Trying to solve the problem by using a guide line with comments.

    Preparing sketches of ideas.

    Getting the art director’s approval of the overall approach.

    Making corrections.

    Trying different colors.

    At the end deciding to go with white paint. Preparing a stencil for the subcontractor.

    Making a test application. Realizing that film, the cheapest option, doesn’t work as sheet fragments are impossible to align together.

    The second approach, now using 4-mm plywood.

    The structure is rather unwieldy, the material is brittle, plus we are told not to make connections less than 3 cm wide and leave margins of no less than 5-6 cm.

    The material bends and covers the ground nicely, but still causes problems at tile seams. Even the tiniest gap is enough to cause paint bleed.

    Besides, plywood itself has areas of unequal width. There aren’t many, but they also create gaps. We need to carefully polish them out.

    At the next step we make the final choice of the material, it’s going to be 6-mm plywood.