Finding an idea in the workshop’s Brain Storage that will help to decrease the level of the colonnade vandalism.

Studying the subject.

Installing dedicated objects for drawing or writing has become a standard solution around the world.

Thinking how to install something similar near the colonnade. Using a quadcopter for reconnaissance.

Trying to approach the problem from a different angle by officially allowing drawing on one of the columns.

Understanding the painting technology by watching the renovation of the colonnade which happens to take place as we work.

Speaking with the painters and finding out the differences between interior and exterior paints. As it turns out, the main aim of the exterior paint is to let the stone “breathe,” allowing moisture to escape. We need a paint that would allow drawings made by permanent markers to be easily removed.

Testing four different types of paint and four different combinations. Timing how long it takes to dry.

Taking measurements and making calculations. Deciding to paint one of the outermost columns and invite good illustrators to make first drawings.