Odessa Opera & Ballet theater visual identity

Overview   Process  

Task: To design a modern theater visual identity

The Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet is a historical and architectural sight and one of the city’s landmarks. The theater was completely restored in 2007 and is fully ready to compete with the world’s leading opera houses. In our studio we’ve prepared a brand new visual identity for the reborn theater.

The logo depicting a theater façade stands for the love and devotion to art


art director & designer
Artemy Lebedev
Evgeny Zorin
type designer
Elena Novoselova
Yana Moskalyuk
Vladimir Zotov
Iskander Mukhamadeev
Anna Golovina
Katerina Andreeva
project managers
Anastasia Olkhovskaya
Kristina Sinitsa
Studio wants to thank Ivan Liptuga from Plaske company for his trust and help with this project
Short variation of the logo

Logo set includes Ukrainian and English versions

Letterhead, business card, envelope, and ticket holder

Monthly playbill

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