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Making of the Optogan LED lightbulbs packaging

Overview   Process   Hi Res  

Drafting out the initial package concepts.

Ruling out all patterns based on “a bunch of rays” or the bulb’s “skirt”.

Designer: I’ve got a thought for a house-shaped box, supporting the idea of replacing bulbs in everyone’s homes. The house is “built” by putting two Optogan packages back to back or we can simply make each one this way.

Art director: The house thing is not bad.

Fluorescent colors just do not make the cut.

Choosing black for our canvas. The color blots demonstrate the intensity of light, but can lead to a confusion of the light itself being colorful. It’s a no.

Toying with foil-applied lamp image. So far it all does not work together: color lines and digits compete in weight.

Trying to develop some visual elements from the logo.

Checking out more options.

Art director: Too dead. Get the bulb photo.

Art director: The right one is getting warmer.

Replacing the bulbs on the sides with some info shedding light on why LEDs.

Polishing out the details.

Almost there.

Designer: I guess, it’s better like this.

Art director: Sure.

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