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• Overview

Task: to create a website for Russia’s largest shipbuilding corporation.

Release date: January 22 2016

Since 2007, OSK (United Shipbuilding Corporation) has been building submarines, frigates, corvettes, submersibles, anti-submarine, missile-launching and guard ships, destroyers, motorboats, minesweepers, icebreakers, offshore platforms, tankers, bulk carries, tugs and ferries. A new website was launched for navy professionals and everyone interested in shipbuilding, containing information about major projects of the Russian fleet and company news.

Equipment of special importance

The Products section of the website contains information about the entire range of ships available to the public. Contour images, filters and switches help find the required project.

All military products

Each project page contains technical description and key specifications of the project. Beautiful photographs and detailed diagrams make comparing numbers and analyzing facts more interesting. Visitors can study related materials and view other models in the same category without going back to the main list.

Project page

art director
Ludwig Bistronovsky
secret advisor
Sergey Kulinkovich
Ivan Vaschenko
Tatyana Buchneva
Azamat Shamuzafarov
technical designer
Aleksey Gorokhovsky
interface designers
Yury Eremenko
Anna Kleymenova
Maksim Mishin
Nazar Snigur

Evgeny Sen
content managers
Anna Rybakova
Roman Kosovichev
beta tester
Dmitry Muratov
Ekaterina Floyd
Aleksandr Nosikov
project managers
Lidia Popova
Fedor Borschev
Ksenia Kuznetsova

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