The making of the OSK website

• Process

We need to create a website that would reflect image of OSK, a modern corporation building top-tier ships. It would also be great to present it as a stable employer, provide information about latest events for the media and procurement information for suppliers.

Defining user scenarios.

Assembling a functionality matrix.

Starting to think over the design concept.

Client: The layout of the main page looks like it’s geared towards an amateur visitor: lots of graphics with unprofessional comments and very little information, especially on the first screen.

Trying again.

Art director: Looks sad.

Deciding to implement a nice sidebar and additional navigation at the bottom of the page so that the entire website can be viewed as a presentation. Adding large photographs to project pages to display ships in all their beauty.

Showing to the client.

The client likes it, but we still need to work on details.

Continuing to think over the main page and project pages.

Assembling a clickable prototype of the entire website to test navigation.

Meanwhile, the structure and the contents of the website change. Updating and accordingly simplifying.

Working on the standard elements.

Typesetting, testing, fixing bugs.


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