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Industrial design elements for Komsomolsky Prospekt in Perm

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Task: to design a lighting system, benches, and fences for Komsomolsky Prospekt.

One of the main streets in Perm will be lit by three types of lights. Japanese rice paper lanterns will be placed on trees and tripods all along the green walking area.

In daylight
At nighttime

Pedestrian areas will have modern LED lights that will provide soft, warm lighting—perfect for relaxing strolls in the evening. In addition, the promenade will be adorned with the usual street lights, executed in the style of the first half of the last century.

Two street light styles

Oktyabrskaya Square will be decorated with sleek street lights, each of which has a modular structure. One of the planned key features is to use the attachments on top. This will allow for different combinations.

Release date: December 12 2011


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director
Timur Burbaev
Benoit Patoureaux
Anna Hufnagel
Aleksey Sharshakov
Vasily Markin
Andrey Fabishevsky
Tatyana Scherbakova
Nikita Barinov
Iskander Mukhamadeev
Anna Golovina
Aleksandr Nosikov
project manager
Anastasia Olkhovskaya
One set—three combinations

The studio designed two types of benches. On each side of the first type we placed a beautiful light and a couple of trash cans.

Sit back and relax

The second bench type is lighter and easier to produce than the first one. It consists of just two metal legs and thirteen boards.

Simply comfortable

The main elements of the fence will be decorative grilles, made ​​in the old Russian style.

Cast iron designs

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