The making of the Picls photo agency logo

Overview• Process

Client: Hi! My name is Sveta and my small photo production company Picls has been shooting beautiful photos of clothes, shoes and accessories for 4 years now. Our clients are primarily Russian brands and online stores since we specialize in e-commerce. We are really fans of what we do and are definitely not shopoholics anonymous, which is why we don’t just know what product cards in online stores look like, we understand why they look exactly like they do, how photographs are used to work with the customer and how they influence sales. Which is why we can offer a client to not only assemble a team and shoot their products like most agencies do, but to make it right by taking into account industry trends and the experience of other brands.

Photographing for online fashion stores is usually done very quickly and in large quantities. Our task is to provide the required volume in short time without compromising the quality and do it beautifully.

Starting to work.

Art director: 14 is nice.

Art director: 21 is OK.

Designer: Made the colors a bit more complex.

Art director: Sure.