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Pragmatic corporate identity

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Task: To design a corporate identity for the office supplies vendor.

For over 10 years Pragmatic Express provides businesses with office supplies, equipment, and other goodies for normal functioning. Presently, the company starts manufacturing products under its own brand name, hence the need for an up-to-date corporate identity. We’ve created the Pragmatic logo, visual identity, and slogan.

Logo with slogan

During the design process Pragmatic Express got shortened to a brief Pragmatic, which is exactly what all business partners call the company, anyway.

Release date: February 10 2011


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director
Ludwig Bistronovsky
Vladimir Pavlenko
Sergey Fedorov
Anna Golovina
Vladimir Zotov
type designer
Taisiya Lushenko
Sergey Rublev
Katerina Andreeva
Anna Ponomareva
project managers
Marina Tolstokorova
Aleksey Luri
Pavel Merkulov
Set of corporate stationery

The type helps the new visual identity to be easily recognized as Pragmatic's.

Logo with a text block

Corporate identity manual includes guidelines to insure consistency in the use of the logo, typefaces, colors, and stationery layouts, as well as product designs.

Spread from the corporate identity guide

We’ve decided not to limit Pragmatic style to a certain color, enabling customers to search for certain products with ease.

The logo can wear any color

The new style is instantly recognizable in a variety of formats and medias.

Not your usual boring packaging
Corporate tape

The new product catalog was designed in our studio.

Catalog cover reveals the contents right away
Spread on terms and conditions
Spread on paper

Pragmatic corporate transport can be spotted from a good distance now.

Vehicle design

Irresistible attention magnet:

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