The making of Raiffeisenbank website templates

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We start with a system analysis. First we deal with people. Who will use the website and what problems should it solve?

Preparing a site map.

Deciding on the number of templates and their content.

Assembling prototypes of key pages.

Starting to work on the design concept. What if we offer ready-made solutions for every group of clients right on the main page? Every user will find the banner they need by recognizing the familiar features.

As for the internal pages, we use them to display product information only.

Art director: That’s in no way better than other banking websites out there. A year later, when it’s finished, it’s already going to be outdated.

Trying to understand what’s good about the internet today. Like scrolling, for example. Yeah, everyone likes to scroll. We do it every day. Here:


And here:

And not always the most important elements stare right at us:

Deciding to rotate the main page 90°.

Art director: Overall, yes.

We’re going to present not just pictures, but a live prototype to the client. Quickly assembling the prototype and making sure navigation works well.

It all checks out, our navigation theories are verified. Shooting a video and presenting it to the client as well.

The client likes our revolutionary approach.

Putting all the pages through the furnace of approval by common sense, the brand book and the bank’s departments and divisions.

Eventually we decide to add captions to icons in the menu on the left for clarity and better legibility.

Assembling a Lorem Ipsum page and starting to typeset the templates.

Debugging and finalizing the templates.

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