The making of the Rayth logo

Real Life


The art director chooses two directions.



Preparing the first design for presentation.

And working on the second one.

Demonstrating to the client.

The art director asks to also try the oval version of the first design.

The designer can’t shake the feeling that he has already seen this logo somewhere.

At the end, the client decides to go with the second concept. Now we need to work on the text and marry the logo with the bar.

Meanwhile, the designer of the first concept accidentally comes across the Russ Outdoor logo.

Oh well. Working on the model.

Showing to the client.

The client doesn’t like the text.

Inviting the type designer. Drawing sketches of the letters.

The art director chooses one design. Developing it.

The designer also suggests his vision of the typeface.

The type designer spends some time on it.

The client asks to make sure the letter R better matches the others.

Preparing 3D versions of the logo and typesetting the guide.

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