Remit factory logo and corporate identity

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Task: to develop a logo and a corporate identity for a meat processing factory.

Founded in 2001, Remit meat processing factory produces a wide range of sausage products, deli meats and premade meals. A logo for the factory, as well as outlet and product design were created at the studio.

Well-built and dependable logo
Version for product labels

Pronouncedly simple and geometric logo reflects the sincere and open nature of the company whose motto is “Honest production.”

Release date: February 05 2014


art director
Еrken Kagarov
Olga Bazilevich
type designer
Ksenia Erulevich
David Minasyan
Anna Potapkina
project manager
Margarita Mukhmadeeva
Factory products are easy to spot on shelves thanks to the bright red tag

The simple logo is supported by straightforward and slightly blunt typography which arranges words and information blocks in a solid wall of text.

One expressive graphic device and lots of different but recognizable labels

The style guide includes description of logos for various uses and type compositions, as well as rules for design of trade outlets, labels, carry bags and transport.

Cover of the guide
Opening with corporate colors
Opening with examples of carry bag and truck appearance
Opening with rules for outlet design

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