The making of the Remit factory logo and corporate identity

Overview   Process  

The first ideas. Trying to get the feel of the overall direction. We want something positive, light, without any monograms and that typical sausage pathos.

Maybe something about a deli? And the label can look like a salesman’s apron.

How about we wrap it in a newspaper?

Still wrong, but we can try developing the theme of cafés, sunshades and comfort.

Let’s lay it aside for a while.

We can take the total opposite: brutal honest sausage. Meat is meat, after all, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Especially since the old style has already set a serious mood.

Meanwhile the café theme has matured to a more or less finished look.

And yet another approach. A fresh morning and natural sausage for breakfast. What else could one wish for?

Presenting to the client. The client takes a break to think.

And asks us to think a bit more, too.

Inviting another designer to help.

Moving forward with the brutal honesty concept.

That’s something. Interesting.

OK, keep going.

Working on the logo details.

Applying to various types of sausage.

Presenting. The client is happy.

Checking how it will look on a real outlet.

Getting first ideas for outlet interior design.

Trying out the label design.

A souvenir for all employees.

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