The making of the Retail Solutions website

Overview• Process

Receiving the task. Retail Solutions helps companies make business online and offline, organizes warehouse operations and other processes. The client presents itself as a fashion retailer. Trying to show the main screen as a cover of a fashion magazine.

Art director: That’s not what we need. There is a lot of room for error in working with products. Our client has tremendous amount of experience, they had their share of mistakes and now know everything about online shopping. Use it to your advantage.

Still nothing. Inviting another designer.

Senior designer: Filmed this real quick.

Coming up with a plot and placing accents.

Showing to the client.

Inviting yet another designer.

Client: You’ve moved towards cartoons and drawings too much, there just isn’t enough fashion. We want to present ourselves as a fashion warehouse. Visually it has to be closer to a fashion magazine. Look at glossy magazines. It has to be something light, airy and cheerful.

Trying various ideas but the art director likes none of them.

Drawing a fashion warehouse in isometric projection.

Arguing about photorealism.

Art director: OK, but I think we should get rid of the art, it doesn’t really draw any attention and looks kitschy. Flying shoe boxes is not what our client is about.

Drawing a lorem ipsum page.

And all internal pages.

Art director: OK.

Client: OK.

For the main page, assembling all the illustrations in one scene: a Retail Solutions employee moves through a large isometric warehouse explaining all the details about working in the industry.

Thinking of the best way to implement diagonal scrolling.

Holding lots of photo shoots of people from above to make them fit into the isometric projection.




And sending the layouts for typesetting.