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Task: to create a Rozetkus that plugs directly into the wall.

Rozetkus-8 plugs into a power socket and has nine terminals for connecting up to four low-power appliances equipped with CEE 7/16 plugs.

A compact multiplier

Release date: February 05 2015


artistic director and designer
Artemy Lebedev
art director
Timur Burbaev
Egor Zhgun
industrial designer
Aleksey Sharshakov
Andrey Dukhov
Viktor Lvov
project manager
Anastasia Prischepa

Rozetkus-8 is designed for plugging low-power ungrounded devices such as cell phone and tablet chargers, clocks, lamps, etc. Rozetkus-8 will not accommodate a microwave oven, an electric kettle or any other high power appliances.

Two colors to choose from

The casing is made of plastics and has dimensions of 90×90×60 mm (3,5″×3,5″×2,3″).

Nice and neat

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