Fox and Crow game

[The work is in the museum]

Another game for Samsung portal that can be installed on a mobile phone.

How fast the cunning fox will grab the cheese will depend on you

The story of the Fox and the Crow was lent from a well-known fable. The user controls the Fox. The task is picking up as many pieces of cheese falling from the Crow’s bill and expend as little energy as possible. The game is a perfect substitute for detective stories read in the metro.

Release date: July 13 2004


art director
Dmitry Komissarov
Lyudmila Dvoynova
Mikhail Petrushin
Aleksey Smychagin
Stepan Reznikov
Dmitry Fedorov
Olga Mikryukova
Andrey Voronkov
Darya Sviridova

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