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Website for ZAZ Sens automobile

[The work is in the museum]

Problem. Create a fine image of ZAZ new automobile without resort to glamour.

To improve the profile of ZAZ automobiles Ukrainian and Korean car-makers dared to come up with their analogue of Chevrolet Lanos. The daring move have progressed to full-scale production, which is why the site appeared.

The vehicle model on main page is 360 degree rotatable and colored at your option

Sens is available in standard and pick-up modifications. To see this on the site you need to click on the road sign. There are common photographs of the vehicle's interior and exterior. All images may be enlarged for more details.

Ordered by Queengroup.

Release date: July 04 2007


artistic director
Artemy Lebedev
art director
Ilya Mikhaylov
Anton Gerasimenko
Vasily Dubovoy
Mark Kozhura
technical designer
Pavel Radyuk
Stepan Reznikov
Dmitry Filatov
Dmitry Romanenko
Aleksandr Nosikov
Ilya Grigorev
Svetlana Goryakina

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